Global Insurance Virtual Conference


The technical producers of the conference, e=mc2 events, approached Proshow to set up and support groups of speakers on multiple continents (presenting from their own homes with zero on-site technical support) and attendees around the world. Because the conference was presented by a group of speakers, the system had to allow the presenters to communicate privately among themselves, as well public-facing discussions with interactivity and real-time polling for the audience. As an added complexity, the end solutions had to be compatible with the client’s stringent security policies that provided very few connection options.

Because of the truly global nature of the event (our speakers were presenting from diverse locations like Johannesburg, Dubai, Milan, and New York), we would have to take into account the different time zones and the variabilities of internet stability and speed. In addition, sessions needed to be recorded and uploaded to the conference platform website so attendees could watch on-demand any sessions they had missed.


In order to ensure the success of the conference, Proshow and e=mc2 events worked towards the solution in a three-pronged approach: System selection and set-up; remote technical support; and developing multiple back-up plans.

Firstly, the team began by identifying, well in advance, the limitations and relative trade-offs of the available technologies. The ability to switch between speakers was a high priority. We selected a Vmix cloud switcher system which allowed us to bring in up to 8 speakers at a time, as both on-stage presenters and commenting/observing staff. We connected Vmix into Zoom which then fed the Pheedloop platform, for the audience experience, with integration to to provide the polling systems.

With the primary systems in place, we established an international teleconference bridge line in case of a total, non-recoverable internet failure at a critical speaker’s site. This meant that they would still be able to phone in and present their content by voice. In this case, we had headshots for every speaker standing by so they would be visually represented as they spoke.

To make sure that all the speakers were comfortable with the technology, we scheduled multiple rehearsals of the content-heavy, C-Suite level presentations where we were able to provide technical coaching and support, staff could observe and provide real-time notes to the presenter.

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